Press information

Press information Victoriakonserten 2020 (The Victoria Concert)

Due to covid-19, no press will be allowed at Victoriakonserten 14 July.

However, there will be a photo op with Crown Princess Victoria upon arrival to Victoriakonserten at Borgholm Castle at approximately 5.50 pm. For accreditation and more information, please contact The Royal Court’s press department via +46 8 402 60 00 or

Photos from the Victoriakonserten will be provided by the Swedish news agency TT Nyhetsbyrån. For those interested in photos from the concert, please email or call +46 8-69 22 650 (contact Petra Lindell or Birgitta Nilsson). NB! Please, contact TT well in advance if you want pictures from the concert.

For press information, please email